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Thara Investments: Investing with Vision, Unearthing Prosperity.

Thara Investments is a specialized investment firm headquartered in Saudia Arabia. The name "Thara" denotes the rich layers of soil and rock that cradle our existence and nurture our development. In the intricate ecosystems of our world, Thara is where growth takes root and from where our potentials are nourished.

Our Identity

Well placed in the rapidly developing business landscape of Saudi Arabia, we are a specialized investment platform that seeks to deploy capital in highly attractive sectors with compelling risk-adjusted returns. The uniqueness of Thara stems from our high aspirations, first-rate investment team, our extensive knowledge of the industries we invest in, our unparalleled network and local knowledge, and most importantly, our strategic partners.


Our Vision

Empower Saudi Arabia through a purpose-driven investment platform, strategically cultivating national champions in forward-looking sectors by harnessing our natural resources and leveraging competitive advantages, all dedicated to realizing the aspirations of Vision 2030

Our Mission

To drive superior risk-adjusted returns by developing national champions, through value-add investments in strategic sectors that propel Saudi’s economic growth, global importance and have a positive social impact.


Our Objectives

01 Measurable risk-adjusted returns for our investors

Our balanced investment approach ensures that both upside potential and downside risk are well considered and reflected, allowing us to generate sustainable long-term Alpha.

02 Contribution to Saudi’s economic development

By aligning with the goals and aims of the Vision 2030 program we aim to contribute to a thriving and diversified economy, job creation, skills development, technology transfer and localization/expansion of the national industrial base.

03 Advancing financial and environmental sustainability

We focus on bringing to market critical future materials that play an essential role in the decarbonization of the global economy, and where KSA can play an important role at the world stage in the creation of stable, sustainable and efficient supply chains. When taking investment decisions, we consider both financial and environmental sustainability by focusing on long term competitiveness of production and the carbon footprint of our investments.

Our Shareholders

Thara is privileged to be backed by select investors and family offices that share our vision, investment aspiration and cultural values.
Our shareholders represent established Saudi families with unrivalled personal networks, strong acumen and business leadership, adding immeasurable value to our platform.

Ammar Alkhudairy

- Chairman of Saudi Venture Capital

- Member of the United Nations Alliance of Civilizations

- Member of The McKinsey External Advisory Group

- Board Member of Amarai

- Board Member of SPIMACO

- Former MD/CEO of Banque Saudi Farnasi

- Former Chairman of the Saudi National Bank

- Former Chairman of Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley Saudi Arabia

Abdulmohsen Ibrahim Altouq

- Executive Chairman of AlTouq Family Office

- Vice Chairman Arab National Bank

- Chairman Steel Products Co. (KSA)

- Chairman Dar AlTamleek (KSA)

- Chairman Saudi Networkers Services (KSA)

- Board Member EATHOS

Dr. Talal Alshair

- Founder and Chairman of Board of Directors of Shairco

- Chairman of Fiberglass Oasis Company “FGOC",

- Chairman of Advanced Metal Industries Complex Company "AMIC",

- Chairman of Cristal Arabia

- Board member of Tasnee industrial company

- Former Chairman of AlMasane AlKobra Mining Co. “AMAK”

- Honorary Council of Australia

Omran Abdulrahman Alrashid

- Board Member and CIO of Abdulrahman Saad Al Rashid & Sons Company

- Board Member of Arab United for Flat Glass Company

- Vice Chairman of Specialized Medical Company

- Board Member of ALRASHID ABETONG Company

- Vice Chairman of Golden Chicken

- Board Member of Al-Rashid Trading and Contracting Company

Our Leadership

Our leadership team brings together decades of investment experience, deep industry knowledge and strong relationships with government institutions and regulators in KSA.

Mr Hisham Attar

Hisham Attar is the Founder and Managing Partner of Thara.

Hisham comes from a Private Equity investment background, serving as a principal at Amwal Alkhaleej for many years. Prior to founding Thara, he was Senior Director at PIF. Serving at the Saudi national wealth fund has provided Hisham with deep long term relationships with senior government officials, as well as a very strong understanding of the Saudi national agenda - which eventually lead to the vision of incorporating Thara.

Hisham holds a degree from Brown University in business economics and public-private organizations.

Current Positions outside of Thara include:

- Vice Chairman of Avalon Pharma

- Board Member, Taqnia Holding

- Board Member, Arab Bank

Turki Al-Mady

Turki Al-Mady, Partner and Chief Investment Officer of Thara, played a pivotal role as a senior executive at Dussur, contributing significantly to the growth and expansion of the organization’s portfolio in his capacity as Chief Investment Officer.

In this role, he spearheaded the execution of Dussur’s Business Development, Investment Execution, and Portfolio Management activities, showcasing adept leadership and strategic mindset.

Current Positions outside of Thara include:

- Member, Renewables Localization Holding Company

- Board Member, Albilad Capital

- Albilad Capital Advisory Council Member, Al-Yamamah University College of Business


Our Sectoral Pillars

We have selected strategic sectors that are aligned with our mission, where the Saudi government has ambitious growth targets and have so far been underdeveloped.

Waste Management

To support implementation of strategies and technologies that reduce, reuse, and recycle waste, supporting a transition to a circular economy and sustainable waste management.

Downstream Chemicals

To contribute towards the Kingdom’s vision of building an integrated value chain across the O&G and petrochemical sectors by investing in downstream chemicals and adjacent industries.

Future Materials

To invest along the value chain of materials relevant to the world’s future decarbonized economy and supporting Saudi’s growing role in an orderly energy transition.

What We Do

Our Investment Principles

Our long-term approach allows us to focus on true value creation rather than extraction. We exit investments when we have realized the full potential of the opportunity, and we frame our approach on the following principles:

We will invest in Saudi Arabia, leveraging its abundant resources, strategic location and competitive advantages

We will focus on sectors which we believe are powering a sustainable future and will experience unprecedented growth

We will be patient with our capital, investing for the long-term

We will build local and global partnerships to help us deliver on our vision

We will be flexible in our shareholding stake, but ensure we can add value through active engagement

We will be actively involved throughout the lifecycle of our investments, bringing invaluable expertise and raising the bar on digitization, operations and ESG topics


Our Values & Commitments


  • Our actions are true to our intentions and our words. We strive to always uphold a high ethical standard in working with our investors, partners, and employees.

Strategic Partnership

  • We maintain a collaborative relationship, aligning goals and objectives with our partners, government stakeholders, our employees, and investors.

Entrepreneurial Zeal

  • We are torchbearers of change, taking initiative and driving solutions with agility and a demonstrated sense of accountability.


  • Our aim, in all endeavors, is excellence of execution. Never satisfied, we strive to establish and transcend our own benchmarks continuously.

Radical Transparency

  • We believe in transparency and openness – within our organization and with our external partners. Transparency is an enabler, building trust and ensuring clarity and alignment.

Positive Impact

  • We go beyond just seeking returns and focus on how we can contribute to Saudi’s national economy, and ensure long term environmental sustainability.

Welcoming remarks from the Managing Director

Respected partners, stakeholders, and collaborators,

As we witness the transformation of a nation, Thara Investments prides itself on being more than just an investment platform. We aim to be a catalyzing force in the Kingdom’s private sector, driving sustainable change and development aligned with the transformative ethos of Vision 2030, a government led paradigm shift which is establishing the environment for new business sectors and economic clusters through programs such as NIDLP and the Saudi Green Initiative.

At Thara, we aim to “invest with vision,” moving toward the horizon through environment aligned, future oriented industries. We focus on financial returns through investments where prosperity and purpose meaningfully intersect and are joined on this mission by investors who share and empower this vision. At launch our focus will be on three sectors – downstream chemicals, waste management, and future materials which together represent an opportunity worth more than SAR 2 trillion – while we monitor other sectors that may be adjacent or complementary to our initial focus.

As we chart our path toward establishing a world-class investment platform, we are driven by our vision and our commitment to excellence, innovation, strategic partnerships and integrity in our dealings. Through these commitments, backed by a strategy and operating model designed for this, we aim to provide superior returns to our investors, play our role in achieving Vision 2030 objectives, and build national champions that call KSA home over the coming decades.

In this journey, we invite you to join us as a partner - to envision and to collaborate as we shape a prosperous future, grounded in trust, excellence, and ambition.

With sincere gratitude,